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Solidworks World 2010 on the Internet!

First of all a big Thanks to Solidworks for this opportunity to attend SWW and even more so for the access I’ve been granted with the Internet Correspondent title. Most of the content I pick up will be viewable right on this blog or over at the Solidworks Blog. Better yet, follow along live at Twitter, simply follow me (@CbMcAndrew) or search for the hashtag (#SWW10).

The sheer scope of knowledge presented at Solidworks World leaves me with a daunting task, even more so when the audience following online is looking for a piece of everything. Thankfully the beauty of the social media age is that you can be a part of things to. Anyone with suggestions or comments on what I should be looking for, who I should be talking to, what sessions will be interesting or anything else just drop me a line via a comment or tweet.

I am truly looking forward to this experience, thanks again to Solidworks.

Solidworks World on Twitter
Solidworks World on 3D Engr

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  1. Chris,


    Looking forward to your posts and meeting you in Anaheim.


    Anna Wood

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