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This is a collection of 3D Printing Machines currently available (or in production). For more information and articles on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing keep reading on 3DEngr.com. 3D Printers

10 Unique 3D Printers


Additive manufacturing machines, or 3D printers, are being hailed as the next industrial revolution, but what are they? To understand the various types of AM machines and their capabilities take a closer look at some of the more popular models.… Continue Reading

10 Unique 3D Printers: M280 by EOS


Admittedly I have never seen a functioning EOS machine but it has one feature that just seems like fun. Titanium. That’s right, 3D printing in one of the hardest manufacturing materials around. Billed as “for aerospace and engineering applications and… Continue Reading

10 Unique 3D Printers: M-Lab by ExOne


Not to be outdone by printers that use chocolate or paper, ExOne’s M-Lab printer outputs materials in metal. Direct Metal Laser Sintering or DMLS works with under nearly the same principles as many of the printers that use plastic but… Continue Reading

10 Unique 3D Printers: Fortus By Stratasys


The Fortus series of 3D printers, or additive manufacturing machines, is in no way designed for the everyday consumer. Instead Stratasys has positioned each of these machines as a high end industrial solution for manufacturing. Basically these machines are competitors… Continue Reading

10 Unique 3D Printers: Cube By 3D Systems


Cube one of the most prominently featured end designer focused machines on the market. The incorporation of reusable material cartridges is exciting as it removes a lot of the technical aspects of printing. Although the media would have us believe… Continue Reading