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Learning SOLIDWORKS through Online Training

Learn SOLIDWORKS Online Training CourseAfter researching SOLIDWORKS online training I came across this program of learning SOLIDWORKS through modeling a yacht. It’s a unique and interesting idea for how to learn to use the 3D CAD software that is a little different than the standard tutorials or technical guides. This looks like a novel way to learn SOLIDWORKS…through designing and 3d modeling something for fun. Have you done this online training course as a way to develop your SOLIDWORKS skill or maybe just for a fun project to model the yacht?

Here is a video that shares more about this SOLIDWORKS online course and the method used for helping you to learn SOLIDWORKS through the yacht design project you can follow along with.


Learn more through online courses

I like researching how people can learn more effectively and in less boring ways. Many times there is so little learning happening because the material or content does not engage us. How many times have we read something (like a training guide) and realized we didn’t remember a single thing from the past few pages we read? Learning should be interesting and enjoyable. This online course could be a promising method for learning because we learn best not by just reading a book about 3D CAD or listening to a lecture about it. We learn best through applying the information and doing something for ourselves to turn that information into knowledge. This would be actually doing the design work instead of just reading or listening about it. We watch and then do for ourselves to apply the knowledge. This seems to be the pedagogy behind this program using the example of a yacht.

This approach reminds me of this classic quote.
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

You can even apply it to learning SOLIDWORKS through online training courses. You have to be involved in the act of designing yourself to truly learn CAD design. But to do this we need to watch and follow along to see how it is done before and while we get to work with the software.

Learning and skill development with 3D CAD software can be more engaging with a project that is fun.
Learn more about the Yacht Tutorial SOLIDWORKS online course.

How do you learn SOLIDWORKS?

When you got started, how did you learn SOLIDWORKS or another CAD software? What worked for you? Did you do something on your own or were you a part of a group of people? Did you use a guide, attend a class, watch tutorials, use an online course? Did you do the Yacht Modeling program to learn it? Let us know in the comments.

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