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Tutorial: Sketch Blocks in Solidworks


Learn SOLIDWORKS at your own pace with more tutorials & online training free membership. When making a drawing in SolidWorks, you can make entities called “Blocks,” which may be comprised of any single sketch entity or combination of sketch entities. Relations… Continue Reading

More Solidworks Model Mania Prep


This article is a guest post by Jim Lucas A few confessions of a competitive guy that has average intelligence and mediocre athletic abilities: In my college organic chemistry lab, I would increase the quantities of the ingredients, because a component… Continue Reading

Gussets – CSWP Weldments


It is a simple fact that weldments are not going to just be made up of members. Welding can create a strong bond, yes, but there will also be a need for bracing to transfer the loads correctly. To do… Continue Reading

Trim/Extend Command – CSWP Weldments


When creating weldments one of, if not THE, most important dimensions is the length of each segment. Depending on the end condition (flat/butted) this may be the only value needed to actually manufacture the cut list of a given profile.… Continue Reading

End Caps- CSWP Weldments


End caps for weldments are rather basic. This is one of the areas where the software knows what typical design intent is going to be, and a feature specific to that task has been created. Not having worked directly in… Continue Reading

Fun with Coils and Springs


Extrudes and cuts and go a long ways to creating some cool parts, but they can not do everything. I have always known about the Helix tool in Solidworks (Insert>Curve>Helix) but recently a few things prompted me to realize the… Continue Reading

Cavity Tool – CSWP Mold Tools


When creating a mold, many times the base is already defined. Maybe the mold maker has one in stock, or there is an existing mold that a second cavity is being put in. To mold makers many times the geometry… Continue Reading

Core Tool – CSWP Mold Tools


So after reviewing the core and tooling split options, what happens when the resultant mold can not be created or machined easily. There are times when sectioning out a mold even more will make it easier to fabricate or more… Continue Reading

Draft Analysis- CSWP Mold Tools


Starting my Mold Tools design review it seems just heading down the list of tools is the best route, so we’re starting with the analysis tools. When designing for molding one of the first things that should be considered is… Continue Reading

Weldment Profile Creation CSWP: Weldments


First thing is first when working with weldments, creating the structural profile. Essentially weldments are bars, pipes, or lengths of items that maintain a standard profile and attach to each other (often via welds). The software comes with a few… Continue Reading

CSWP: Weldments


Get a free membership and access SOLIDWORKS tutorials & online training today. Recently the team at Solidworks rolled out another certification test. It popped up on their main blog and the personal site of one of the guys on the… Continue Reading