Highest Rated 3D Printers

1Dremel Idea Builder4.714.714.714.714.71Read Reviews
2FlashForge Creator Pro4.714.714.714.714.71Read Reviews
3FlashForge Dreamer4. Reviews

3D Printing Companies


STRATASYS, Inc. (NASDAQ:SSYS) STRATASYS is a manufacturer of three-dimensional printers as well as rapid prototyping systems for office-based RP and direct digital manufacturing markets. This company also offers rapid prototyping and production part manufacturing services through its centers that reside… Continue Reading

Glossary of Terms 3DEngr


A Additive Manufacturing – The process of adding material in order to create a product. Many 3D printers use additive manufacturing to add layers to create a final partAutoCadAutoDesk B Blender C Consumer Products D DMLS – Direct Metal Laser… Continue Reading

The Dilemma of Planned Obsolesence


On a recent flight to Hong Kong, to review the upcoming production of the product line I helped engineer and design, the in seat entertainment offered up a documentary called “The Light Bulb Conspiracy”. As a product engineer and marketing… Continue Reading

Lenticular Images: Popular Uses


Lenticular has become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially with the mainstream coverage given to 3D movies and 3DTVs, many advertisers and merchandisers have seen ample opportunity to take advantage of the technology. For a theatrical film that is released… Continue Reading

Lenticular Printing Technology


As noted in earlier posts, nice lenticular requires precision alignment between the lens and the printed imaged. Because of this the printing technology necessary for making a quality lenticular is rather advanced. There are some home kits available for lenticulars… Continue Reading

Lenticular Viewing Distance


Because lenticular images utilize a lens, there is an optimal viewing distance. For 3D images (those on vertical lenticules) a viewer significantly beyond the optimal viewing distance will not see any effect because the relative distance between the two viewing… Continue Reading

Printing on a Lenticular Lens


Printing can be on a substrate that is adhered to a lens or directly on the lens itself. When printing directly on the lens, the ink is applied to the flat side of the lenses. In this printing method it… Continue Reading

Stereoscopy for Lenticular


Drawing three dimensional images are difficult to create because of the inherent two dimensional nature of the drawing surface. Over years of refinement artists have found ways to depict three dimensional items in two dimensional mediums. Perspective, foreshortening,  and ocular… Continue Reading

Lenticular Image Interlacing


Lenticular gives a motion or 3D effect because the lens can be used to focus on distinct images, each in unison. Similar to a movie that has frame after frame of still images flashed quickly a raw lenticular image (viewed… Continue Reading

Lenticular Imagery: 3D and Animated displays


Ten things to know (and places to learn) about lenticular technology.1. Vertical Orientation2. Horizontal Orientation3. Image Interlacing4. Stereoscopy5. Printing on the Lens6. Printing on a substrate7. Ideal Viewing distance8. Image Layer Separation (3D)9. Printing Technology10. Popular Uses of Lenticular Imagery… Continue Reading

About 3D Engineer

Contact 3D Engineer What is this 3D Engineer site about? The first items on 3DEngr were tutorials for the CSWP Exam (Certified Solidworks Professional). Over time the topics and focus have evolved into other areas: Engineering, Design, New Product Development,… Continue Reading



I recently had the chance to experience an interesting piece of art by a renowned artist. That work now is gone, it lasted less than a fortnight. It was unsigned, untitled, and even the artist it is credited to is… Continue Reading

Photoview 360: Where to start learning


The box and marketing material for Solidworks have always had shiny renderings plastered all over them. Unfortunately the software that created them (Photoworks and then Photoview 360) was always a part of the Professional package. Then, last summer, they allowed… Continue Reading


Want to get in contact for any reason? Just leave me a comment below. All of the comments get directly to my email (unless your message seems a little spammy). If you would like a response please include your contact… Continue Reading