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Useful Excel Tips and Tricks


As both an engineer and a marketer I have found myself working a great deal in and with Microsoft Excel. Over time I have learned many tricks and workflows that are useful, some of which have saved me hours. The… Continue Reading

Paste As Value – Excel Tip


Paste As Value When pasting excel data the default option is to paste the contents of the cell. For formulas that means the actual formula, and not the result of the formula, will be pasted. Often a pasted fomula will… Continue Reading

Find Duplicates – Excel Tip


When inputting lists into Excel there is often a need to have a unique instance of every list item. For example item numbers or product names are very important to avoid confusion.  Sequential serial numbers can be done with a… Continue Reading

Goal Seek – Excel Tip


For complicated excel formulas there are often “What-If” scenarios. Questions such as “How many do we have to sell to make $1,000,000” and “How long until we run out of inventory”. Excel has a helpful built in tool that lets… Continue Reading

Highlight Alternate Rows or Columns


There are two easy ways to highlight every other row or column in a worksheet, which makes it much easier to read mind-numbing rows of data.  Mind-Numbing hard to follow rows The first method is to highlight the necessary cells… Continue Reading

Alt Key – Excel Tip


One of the most useful things about Excel is that you can navigate everything without having to move to a mouse. When working in the program a lot knowing a variety of hot keys greatly reduces speed and can also… Continue Reading

Easy Screenshots – Excel Tip


There are tons of times where inserting an image helps make a spreadsheet of data look more professional and function much better. Getting the right image can be a bit cumbersome, but knowing the tools included can go a long… Continue Reading