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CSWP Sample Exam Intrepretation

B. Section 1 of the CSWP

The first section of the CSWP covers sketching and feature creation. It is typically 5 questions requiring the creation of two unique models. The first model created will be used to answer questions 1-3. Each question asks for the mass, or sometimes the center of mass, of the model. Slight variations and features are added between each question and major dimensions are also changed. The second model is associated with the final 2 questions, again the mass is required and answers are in multiple choice and free form. On the second set of questions there are few functional changes to the model required, instead dimensional changes will be required and can be handled by Equations. There is a 90 minute time limit and a passing grade is 75%.

B-1. Interpreting the Drawing

Drawings and figures for the CSWP are not created in any standard format (ASME) instead they are given as a generic isometric view with dimensions noted. All available views will appear in the filmstrip below the display area. Dimensions that appear in Ballons are subject to change in future models, this is in contrast to the dimensions that are designated by variables (A,B,C,D,Y,X etc). Detail view areas are noted as they would be in engineering drawings, with a circle and label (AA, BB, CC) and the detail view will generally be broken out as a separate view in the film strip.

In the description for the question the values of each variable will are provided. These values are generated from a master configuration table controlled by the certification specialists at Solidworks Corp. There are literally hundreds of variations of each model that can be randomly generated. Even if the question looks similar or identical to that of other exams the values of the answers can vary widely. For multiple choice questions though the available answer options should be exactly or very near to exact (single digit rounding error).

6 User Reviews

  1. I have gone through the practice modeling, and all my mass answers are off, anywhere from 60 to 900 grams for different configurations. Any suggestions? As far as I can tell the models are identical.

  2. to loosejello

    I concurred that I had spent quite some time to get the correct answers from the sample exam. As long as you follow the dimensions (it is very important to add enough relationships in the very first problem), the answer should be spot on. I passed the 1st portion of the CSWP core last week, the modeling is not at all ‘Hard’ compared to CSWA, it’s a matter of if you have a good habit while you sketch (I use to scattered around and never thought that the sketch will be modified here and there dimension wise). I thought this was a good test overall!

  3. I just ran through the practice exam in preparation for the test at SWW2011. I got all the answers right with the exception of #5 (off by 310.73 grams). I’m not sure how you can get #4 right and miss #5 unless there is something different hidden between the two. To me it looks like going from #4 to #5 would be the same as going between #1, #2 & #3. I had all the dimensions linked to variables in the equations editor and simply did an “Edit All…”.

  4. While many CSWP holders will disagree, I think the CSWP tests are useless and serve no purpose other than to generate money for SW and also make the people who believe they pass it are God’s gift to SW.

    I’m a mechanical engineer with over 14 years worth of experience using SW. I know how to use SW on the expert level to DESIGN products that work and are made…not only to look pretty.

    I got my CSWA but never took the CSWP. But even when taking the CSWA, ALL my answers were off…none were exact. Why they do that is beyond me. It’s stupid. It’s pointless.

    I know SW inside and out as a design tool to make products. My speed and efficiency comes into play with my knowledge of product design and engineering….not what Hotkeys I need to press to draw a box more quickly.

    Besides, in real life, you NEVER rush a design only to find out 1 month down the road the assembly line halts because you screwed up.

    This stuff is as childish and pointless as the money making scams called SAT and GRE.

  5. @ the guy above me…

    As a designer/engineer one of the basic things you should know is that every material is different, alloys differ every batch. Solidworks has a library of materials, I am glad that its their but I know their are thousands of other combinations possible.

    I got my CSWA a couple of months ago, every answer of mass and center of mass was spot on.

    If you call this stuff pointless, why take the CSWA in the first place? It’s a certificate, nothing more than that.

  6. Hi everybody
    I just got my CSWA couple days ago. I am preparing to take the CSWP core. I read some people here they said this test is pointless or something like this. But at the same time they are talking about their BS or some educational degree. I can use microsoft word or excel or axcess or power point or a lot of more software eventhough i do not have any certificate from microsoft. The point is when you getting any certificate it means that company which you accept their product as a part of your life, you should accept and approve their judgments about your knowledge. good luck

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