Lenticular Images: Popular Uses

Lenticular has become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially with the mainstream coverage given to 3D movies and 3DTVs, many advertisers and merchandisers have seen ample opportunity to take advantage of the technology. For a theatrical film that is released in 3D it is almost required that a stunning lenticular posted is created and distributed to theaters. Novelty items are also popular, spanning buttons, calendars, bookmarks and pretty much any printed good. Browse through a Halmark store and you are certain to come across at least a few examples. For high end products the 3D effect is also very popular, with some NFL teams releasing there season tickets as individuals lenticular cards, the premium for printing is a small fee compared to the overall cost of tickets. So,e high end 3D TVs use lenticular to create the 3D effect. And a personal favorite here at 3DEngr are the Redakai trading cards.

Lenticular Printing Technology

As noted in earlier posts, nice lenticular requires precision alignment between the lens and the printed imaged. Because of this the printing technology necessary for making a quality lenticular is rather advanced. There are some home kits available for lenticulars but they require significant knowledge of the capabilities of the printing hardware. Each lens LPI (lines per inch) works best with a specific printer resolution, typically DPI (dots per inch). The resolution of a printer is not the only consideration, the alignment capabilities are also a concern.

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