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So how do you pass the Solidworks CSWP?

Passing the Solidworks CSWP exam.
Take a look at the explanation of what the CSWP is straight from Solidworks.
Interview with one of the guys responsible for actually writing the CSWP exam questions
Grab the sample test from Solidworks.
CSWP Certification Logo
Write up of CSWP Part I
Write up of CSWP Part II
Write up of CSWP Part III

Tips to pass the CSWP:

Tip to remember: Use all parts of the Software
Top Ten Tips for Taking the CSWP

Take a look at the complete list of CSWP posts.
Advanced tutorials for solidworks 2012 training
Solidworks 2012 Advanced

Before starting make sure to review the Beginning Prep:
Table of Contents 
CSWP Overview
    A-1. Built in Tutorials
    A-2. Help Menus
    A-3. Other Resources: Google, Youtube, Blogs, Forums
    A-4. User Groups
    A-5. Tangix Tester Pro
    A-6. Setup Layout, Files, and Equations to Save Time
    A-7. Look over the entire test

More training is available for the test. If these links still have you coming up short try supplementing with some additional training materials.

Pass the CSWP Advanced Sheet Metal Specialist

The advanced exams all require slightly more in depth knowledge of the corresponding features. Additionally many advanced exams require knowledge that is covered in the core CSWP. To review the features covered in the sheet metal exam check out CSWP Sheet Metal Study.

Pass the CSWP Advanced Mold Tools Specialist

3dEngr.com review of the CSWP Mold tools exam.

All of the above will help you understand the tests, but tutorials, training and others users are also important.

Solidworks Training Bundle
Solidworks 2012 Training
Tutorials and training for  Solidworks 2013
Solidworks 2013 Training

There are loads of other resources available, books, videos, blogs. Focusing on one portion at a time and developing a learning plan makes things much easier. For more advanced users, or those looking to brush up skills without a certification, check out some of these tutorials and training courses.

Feel free to add any advice/tips/thoughts in the comments.
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